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Kosmic Comics Productions is a new media entertainment production studio developing entertainment projects geared towards the pop-cultural industries. The company operates under three distinct branches servicing different segments of the pop-cultural fields; Publishing, Designing and Productions services.

Kirk Jones is the founder of Kosmic Comics Production. The company is based in Whitby Ontario.

Kosmic Productions is a full design and production services studio specializing in company branding and new media productions for it self and its clients in new media and pop-cultural entertainment. (Including but not limited to, advertising illustrations and logo designing, toy designing, cartooning and story-boarding, animation and comic book production.)

Kosmic Comics and its imprint Alpha Kosmic, are publishing houses, dealing primarily in comic book/graphic novel publication. We are dedicated to producing the best pop-cultural entertainment in comics and its various related fields for our audience. Kosmic places an emphasis on creating comics/graphic novels that are story and character driven, combined with spectacular art work. Our books are unique blends of epic drama and breathtaking visuals, providing a feast for the eyes and panoramic delight for the mind.

Kosmic Comics began publishing quality comics since our founding in 1994. Our mission is to “push entertainment beyond the limits of the imagination”. Our initial product offering was “Ravager”, which was launched in a 32 page, black and white format in the last quarter of 1995. After taking a hiatus from publishing in the then deteriorating market, Kosmic Comics focused on in house property creation while its studio branch, Kosmic Productions, focused on production work for other companies in the areas of advertising and designing. Kosmic Comics has since return to active publishing, beginning the launch of brand new titles to the industry through the company’s new graphic novel and manga  imprint, Alpha Kosmic.

View the image of the 1995 1st issue of Ravager.

Kosmic Comics is pleased to announce that in association with children’s book publisher, Kool Press, we will be the publishers of the graphic novel version of K.D. Patrick’s popular storybook “Tiesha in The Land of Faraway” through our imprint arm Alpha Kosmic. This graphic novel is slated for a 2010 release. Please remember to check the site’s News section for the official press release as well as for periodic updates and details of this grand event.



Ravager cover


32 page, black and white format

Stay Tuned    for Previews of the full color Ravager featuring the new artist and colorist. Coming soon!


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A new look. A new beginning!

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Kosmic Comics launches new publishing imprint, Alpha Kosmic. Read More              

Alpha Kosmic to Co-publish the graphic novel version of K.D. Patrick’s popular debut storybook Tiesha in The Land of Faraway. Read More

The Blight Era                       A visual history Of Lung-mei’s post apocalyptic world.        CLICK HERE

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