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A Tour De Force New Graphic Novel of eclectic proportions, Lung-Mei; Dragon Current!

An epic Sci-fantasy saga; martial arts, cyborgs, advance technology and heavy ordnance all combined in a high-octane action-pack coming of age tale of the forging of a hero.

Lung-Mei is a young man, who must, despite his reluctance and fears, accept the responsibility fate has thrust upon him, to stop the world from descending into chaos that will end with billions dead and global domination. Armed with his martial arts skills and the powers to tap the leys lines of the Earth, legacy of his father, Dragon, the legendary Blight War hero, Lung-Mei, with the help of friends must walk in his father’s footsteps to discover and solve the mysteries of past and the present in order to save the future. This young hero must gain the wisdom and skills to identify his true enemy, while facing deadly assassins and killer cyborgs, dealing with the trials of love and betrayal, if he is to defeat a threat that seeks to engulf the world in terror as it spreads out from the gigantic domed City-nation of Tekrul, in the post apocalyptic world he calls home. Earth cannot survive more devastation, not so soon after the hundred-year Blight War.

“Epic story lines, complex characters, martial arts, Sci-fi and Fantasy are the stuff of my dreams and working with the best comic creator team there is… well that’s a bonus that can’t be beat!” Said creator Kirk Patrick, author of the comic book series Ravager (Kosmic Comics) and children’s book Tiesha in The Land of Faraway (Kool Press) under the pen name K.D. Patrick and the forthcoming Tiesha in The Land of Faraway: The graphic Novel based on the storybook of the same name (forthcoming 2009 from Alpha Kosmic/Kool Press).
For more information contact info@kosmiccomics.com or visit www.alphakosmic.com, www.kosmiccomics.com .

Produced by Alpha Kosmic, the graphic novel arm of Kosmic Comics, Lung-Mei; Dragon Current is a new graphic novel series, an epic saga for fans of martial arts, cyborgs, advance technology, heavy ordnance and adrenalin pumping action! The story is by Kirk Patrick, with artwork by the sensational Hugh Rookwood (Tiesha in The Land of Faraway /Kyrel Rode Dragons) and colors by the amazing Marvin S. Mariano (Tiesha in The Land of Faraway: The graphic Novel.)

Lung-Mei; Dragon Current will be unleashed upon the masses summer 2008, retailing for $7.99.

Art for this graphic novel is available upon request.

If you work for a news organization and would like to be added to our press list, please send an e-mail to info@kosmiccomics.com.

Kosmic Comics

“Bringing you entertainment that transports you beyond the boundaries of human imagination!”

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